New Horizon Sailing


The whole sailing area is a wildlife paradise. We see dolphins, porpoises, seals, basking sharks, whales, orca, sea otters, eagles, sea eagles, guillemots, puffins, razorbills, skuas, cormorants, shags, oyster catchers, fulmars – the list goes on. Sightings are unpredictable but exciting when they happen.

Ashore, as well as nesting birds, we see deer, many different flowers, empty beaches, rocky shores, ancient castles and even sub-tropical gardens.

When sailing we are harnessing the force of nature and feel more at one with the flora and fauna of this beautiful region.

It's always a difficult choice - whether to try to take photographs or just sit and watch. If Bottlenosed Dolphins are leaping around us, Orca hunting fish or a Sea Eagle circling overhead, a camera is a distraction, so hats off to those of us who have taken the selection of pictures on this page.